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  • TERRIFIC TUBES Limp Lamps: Storm lamps- Invent your personal design.

    Choose from over 350 different wallpaper designs or send your self invented theme (Photoshop Graphic, holiday pictures...)

    TERRIFIC TUBES Limp Lamps (strom lamps) are made of special foils, ether transparent or translucent sporting your personal wallpaper design. In our webshop you find transparent foils in 5 different colours. Or choose translucent foils available with over 350 different designs. To create your personal strom lamp, you could also send your self invented graphics or pics taken with your digi cam. This way you could easily create unique storm lamps for special events like weddings, outdoor parties, sports championships or birthdays.

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    There you find designer lamps, storm lamps, vases and further accessories

    With TERRIFIC TUBES - Limp Lamps it is easy to generate your personal storm lamp. Just send us an eMail with your design attached and we will print unique themes just for you.

    How it works: Choose a WiLight strom lamp in our web shop and click afterwords on "MyDesign (own design)"

    in the navigation bar. Just follow the instructions on the site. After receiving our confirmation mail in your eMail account, send your photo or the design you invented, together with your order number. That`s it. To ensure a photo realistic print quality of your personal storm lamp, provide your data as followed:

    Your data should look like this:

    • JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) or TIFF (.tif)
    • DIN A 4 landscape format (297 mm wide, 210 mm high / 1754 x 1240 Pixel)
    • minimum 150 dpi
    send Design


    Limp Lamps - unique storm lamps

    for special events and theme festivities.

    Comfortable & Safe

    Visit our Web Shop

    Configure your personal designer lamp comfortable from your home. In our web shop you find a huge selection of models and over 300 different wallpapers. Pay with your credit card, or transfer the amount to our banking account. A 256 Bit SSL encryption ensures the security of your personal data during transaction.
    - Onlineshop

    Limp Lamps could be ideally used for theme parties, seasonal events or all festivities which requires associated themes. You send your favorite theme and we deliver your personal storm lamps in a few days.

    visit our Web Shop

    There you find designer lamps, storm lamps, vases and further accessories

    Stylishe Storm Lamps for just a budget price

    with transparent or translucent wallpaper foils


    visit the Flash-Gallery

    Watch our latest models and wallpaper styles in this amazing Flash-Gallery. All wallpapers are printed in high resolution quality and their´s bright colours give a stylish interior light experiance.....

    -open Flash-Gallery

    In our webshop you find over 350 differnt designs to style your personal storm lamps. Our wallpaper designs could be used for lamps (lamp shade design) or ether for our latest product - Limp Lamp- your personal storm lamp.

    visit our Web Shop

    There you find designer lamps, storm lamps, vases and further accessories

    Choose from over 350 different design themes or upload your favorite graphic

    classic design themes or freaky graphics

    Terrific-Tubes MyDesign

    send us your photos or graphics

    Let your holiday pics, your sports club logo or your favourite graphics shine on the lamp shade of your personal designer lamp. Therefore just send us your image (.gif,.jpg, .psd) data file and we produce a unique lamp (shade) just for you. All vital information about `MyDesign` you find here:

    - all Information


    Just put a common (or maxi) tea candle inside and in seconds your unique designer storm lamp will be illuminate your place in a pleasant shine.

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    There you find designer lamps, storm lamps, vases and further accessories

    TERRIFIC TUBES - Limp Lamps

    stylish eye catchers

    New Wallpaper Designs

    by designers around the globe

    Since spring 09 we cooperate with external graphic designers to increase our wallpaper portfolio and make it more attractive for our customers. Contemporary styles, colours and designs are available in our web shop to renew the look & feel of your TERRIFIC TUBES designer lamps.
    - DesignClub: all Information

    Limp Lamp storm lamps measures 20 cm in heights and have a diameter of 13 cm. Use maxi or common tea candles for illumination.

    visit our Web Shop

    There you find designer lamps, storm lamps, vases and further accessories

    Do you know BULBS UNLIMITED? - Incredible light objects made of bulbs

    The Do-It-Yourself-Kit for designer light objects made of burnt out bulbs.

    weiter zu www.bulbs-unlimited.com

    Bulbs Unlimited is a system, which transforms European standard light bulbs into various, spectacular light objekts. Therefore light bulbs were linked together, like Lego® bricks, by simple snap buttons (press buttons). In our webshop you find complete light objects in different shape, do-it-yourself construction kits and further accessoires.

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