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  • How it works: A few minutes to create your personal designer lamp...

    Construction manual for download and printing (PDF`s)

    Create your unique light objects in a few easy steps

    Construction manual:

    Download PDF

    1. The Clip - The connecting element between the Glass-Tube

    The Flexible Connection

    TERRIFIC TUBES Light Objects and Vases are made of Laboratory Test Tubes (extreme robust Borosilicate Glass) connected by special invented Plastic Clips. The Clip connects 2 Glass-Tubes to one unit. For giving the lamp shades enough stability to keep their shapes while hanging from the ceiling, on the one hand side, and providing enough flexibility to being twisted and bended into different shapes, on the other hand side, our clips are designed with a defined pre-tension and made of specific material. To connect clips and Glass-Tubes you simple plug them together.

    2. Clips & Glass-Tubes

    Two clips for each Glass Tube

    For maximal stability, the clips should be positioned close to bottom and top of the Glass-Tubes. In wider light objects, most charged positions could be supported by using extra clips.



    3. Each Glass-Tube carries 2 Clips

    keep it simple

    Similar a picket fence, the lamp shade or vase, grows with each added Glass-Tube..




    4. TERRIFIC TUBES: Millions of possible shapes and sizes

    Twist & Bend

    To give the lamp shades the desired shape, the Glass-Tubes could be moved into the right position by simple twisting and bending. Nearly every shape is possible.


    5. Transparent & translucent wallpapers

    Wallpaper-Inlays make your designer lamp unique

    To light up TERRIFIC TUBES lamp shades in different colors, or with different designs, wallpapers (transparent or translucent foil inlays) are inserted into the Glass-Tubes. Our customers can choose therefore out of over 170 sylish wallpaper designs or they could upload a unique "did-it-by-myself" design. To provide another incredible method for generating wallpaper designs based on stripes and countless colors, we will cooperate with POP-MINDS, an Italian graphic studio to integrate their web based generating tools in our web shop. With "StripeGenerator" and "TartanMaker" our users can easily invent terrific wallpapers displaying a wide range of tartan or stripe based designs. Check out these user-friendly tools by clicking the links above. Wallpapers are offered pre-cut (ready-to-use) or un-cut in a DINA 4 format for do-it-yourself designers. More information about wallpapers you find here: Wallpapers

    6. The hanging system

    Simple metal hooks connecting lamp holder and lamp shade.

    To affix the lamp shade and the lamp holder, metal hooks were lead through the holes of the "hole-ring" on the one side, and beeing inserted to the bores in the clips on the other side.





    7. The "hole-ring"

    Lamp holder and metal hooks

    The "hole-ring" should be screwed on the winding of the lamp holder and carries the metal hooks which are connecting lamp shade and lamp holder. The diameter of the lamp shades could be variated by turning the hole-ring. So the shape in TERRIFIC TUBES light objects could be modifyd even if they are ready assembled.


    8. The Clip

    The flexible connection between lamp shade and lamp holder

    The metal hooks were inserted into the bores of the clips and carry the lamp shade made of Glass-Tubes. Advise: For easy handling, it is worth to install extra clips for inserting the 3-4 metal hooks (in wider light objects, more than 3-4 metal hooks could be used...) between the bottom and top lines of connecting clips. Via vertical scrolling of these extra clips, it is possible to adjust the lamp shade exactly horizontal.




    Do you know BULBS UNLIMITED? - Incredible light objects made of bulbs

    The Do-It-Yourself-Kit for designer light objects made of burnt out bulbs.

    weiter zu www.bulbs-unlimited.com

    Bulbs Unlimited is a system, which transforms European standard light bulbs into various, spectacular light objekts. Therefore light bulbs were linked together, like Lego® bricks, by simple snap buttons (press buttons). In our webshop you find complete light objects in different shape, do-it-yourself construction kits and further accessoires.

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