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    Background information about TERRIFIC TUBES products.

    Press releases:

    Press releases concerning TERRIFIC TUBES products and activities

    Press release german: Product Launch (ca.1 mb)

    Press release german: Franchise concept- (ca.1 mb)


    Product pictures:

    Photo material for print & web

    Product pictures for web and print in 300 dpi.



    Logos in 4C and black / white

    Logos for web und print in 72 und 300 dpi.


    Do you know BULBS UNLIMITED? - Incredible light objects made of bulbs

    The Do-It-Yourself-Kit for designer light objects made of burnt out bulbs.

    weiter zu www.bulbs-unlimited.com

    Bulbs Unlimited is a system, which transforms European standard light bulbs into various, spectacular light objekts. Therefore light bulbs were linked together, like Lego® bricks, by simple snap buttons (press buttons). In our webshop you find complete light objects in different shape, do-it-yourself construction kits and further accessoires.

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