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  • Designer lamps with your company logo or your product message

    We produce customized designer lamps for different purposes

    Use TERRIFIC TUBES designer lamps to display your company or product logo in high resolution quality. Therefore we imprint translucent back light foils with your logo, your product message or your corporate colors in photo realistic quality. The scalability of our light objects ensures that large campaign contents could be visualised and illuminated on the lamp shades. Depending on your purpose of usage our lamps (and vases…) could be shaped in countless different styles and designs (e.g. table lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps…). The innovative clip system is responsible for a child`s play de- and assembling of it`s components, which makes the system ideal for gastronomy, fair stands or bars, clubs and lounges.

    TERRIFIC TUBES offers the following products::

    If we arouse your curiosity, or could answer additional questions, please contact us.

    TERRIFIC TUBES Corporate Lights
    Tel.: +49(0)40 - 430 99 070
    eMail: corporatelights@ambientshop.com

    Product Examples

    For a detailed view, just touch the images with your mouse

    Lite Crawler - Designer lamp shades imprinted with your personal graphics

    With Lite Crawler you can place your product message or your company logo into the spot light

    LITE CRAWLER is a new Designer Lamp System for creating your personal lamp style. Just like “TERRIFIC TUBES” you could modify the appearance of the lamp shades regarding size, shape, colour, and design. The lamp shades are made of a special translucent foil which could be printed with bright colours in high resolution quality. To configure your unique designer lamp, choose one of over 170 available designs or send your own images (holiday pictures, company logo, photoshop graphic everything is possible). The wallpaper foils are attached to a patented cross beam system which allows our customers to modify also the shape of the lamp shades. By simply turning the whole lamp shade left or right, it become round or angled. If you get bored by your LITE CRAWLER in minutes you could change the wallpapers and renew the look and feel of your lamp. The innovative design of the cross beam system also enables LITE CRAWLER to be transformed from a ceiling lamp shade to a table lamp shade and vice versa. Check out our web shop to configure your personal and unique LITE CRAWLER designer lamp. The prices for different models just starting at € 29,95.

    All wallpaper designs you find in our web shop could be used for "TERRIFIC TUBES" and "LITE CRAWLER" designer lamps. Just enter the shop and make your choice.

    Get further information here:

    TERRIFIC TUBES Corporate Lights
    Tel.: 040 - 430 99 070
    eMail: corporatelights@ambientshop.com

    Product Examples

    For a detailed view, just touch the images with your mouse

    Unlimited shapes and sizes

    some exaples show the high flexibility of the system

    With TERRIFIC TUBES it is possible to generate appropriate lamps for a wide range of representation purposes. Never mind if table, floor, ceiling or wall mounted lamp, nearly every classic lamps shade could be styled with the flexible connected Glass-Tubes. The wallpapers (translucent foil inlays) displaying your logo or product message, were imprinted with your corporate identity color codes in high resolution quality. To guaranty a colorfast reproduction of your company `s corporate graphics and code we use a special printing procedure. Your product-logo lamps could be used, everywhere you want to meet your potential customers (bars & clubs, fairs, entrance areas, product lounges…)